6 original DIY art ideas for your home

September 10, 2013
I recently moved to my own apartment for the first time. I wanted to create unique art that will wow guests and will be a whole lot cheaper than store bought pieces. Here are 6 of the ideas I found, easy to create and have a great WOW factor.
Anna Belkind

Inspirational words on canvas

Typography is a huge trend lately in interior design. I personally ADORE it and have several elements with typography in my own apartment. this great piece of art requires wooden letters, a canvas and glue. enjoy!

Rainbow painting that will light up any room

For those of you who love bright colors, this is the perfect piece to make. It looks so original and sophisticated, and it uses, well, unconventional tools, that all of us have around. This art piece requires a blow dryer, crayons and a canvas. Feel free to use which ever color combinations you like.

DIY newspaper art piece

This project is as sustainable as it is beautiful. save the planet and make your home look better! I think newspaper art never gets old!

DIY fabric wall art

Sometimes what a room needs is a beautiful pattern. You can create wall art simply by stapling lovely patterned fabric on a canvas or piece of wood. Try this for an elegant and chic look.

DIY no paint painting

This awesome painting looks like it requires gentle hand movements to create the lovely lines and little birds. But even those who don't have such steady hands can create this lovely painting illusion. Try it for a calm, elegant effect for your bedroom or living room.

DIY word wall art

For this project, find an old love letter from your other half, or the lyrics of your favorite song. If you don’t have pretty handwriting, find a friend who does, it's totally worth it!
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6 original DIY art ideas for your home
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