Nirvana- The band that revolutionized Rock & Roll

September 02, 2013
Nirvana was the last band that revolutionized the Rock & Roll. They were the symbol of the x generation. Know how they could change everything in just 7 years
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Smells Like Teen Spirit - The Grunge Anthem

Knowing Nirvana must start through this amazing song. First single of Nevermind, it blowed every teenager's mind at the beginning of the 90's. The violence and power of the video made it become a symbol of rebellion. According to the Rolling Stone magazine, it's the ninth greatest song of all time. When Kurt Cobain introduced the song to his band, his bassist told that it was "ridiculous". He must have regretted that, because the song made nevermind the best seller album of the year and became the anthem of the grunge movement.

The Full Travel

If after watching the video you can't stop jumping around, make the full travel through the Nirvana's history. Here you can find information about their beginning, how they got famous, all their albums, the band members, the final months and Kurt Cobain's death. Besides, you will be able to follow links to read further information of the topics you are most interested in.


Do you want to know the full history of Nirvana but in a simpler way? Nevermind!!! In this website you can make a tour and know this fantastic road to success and inmortality in a few minutes.

Song Quotes By Nirvana

Take a walk across Kurt Cobain's thoughts. In this website you can get familiar to his genius and unique mind, as well as realize why he was one of the darkest thinkers of his generation. Through some of this quotes he started a movement that is still alive. Only such a genius could become so popular thanks to such genuine, honest and controversial lyrics.

Taking Punk to the Masses - The Exhibition

Already a fan? You can't contain yourself and need some Nirvana action right now? Buy your ticket!!! In Seattle, their city and, after their revolution, the capitol city of grunge, you can visit the exhibition "Nirvana: Taking Punk to the Masses". Check this website to see what it's about.

MTV Unplugged - Close to Perfection

In november of 1993, a few months before Kurt Cobain's death, and when nobody thought that his drugs problems would let him make a good performance, Nirvana accomplished a magnificient concert as part of the MTV unplugged series. Many people realized just then the depth and darkness of many of their songs. Enjoy here the full concert.

Kurt Cobain's death and its ¿mistery?

On april 8, 1994, Kurt Cobain was found dead at his home, carrying a suicide note. Even when many people could have imagined that ending for him, there has always been many suspicions about it. This is only one of the websites where you can find an investigation of his death regarding a conspiracy theory that involves his wife, Courtney Love, as the murderer.

And one day...they were back...

On December 12, 2012, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic were back on stage, and nothing less than with Paul McCartney. They played, among some others, "Cut me some slack", a Grohl's new song made for the album "Sound City – Real to Reel", music of his documentary with the same name. Sit and enjoy...
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Nirvana- The band that revolutionized Rock & Roll
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