14 things you didn't know about the conflict with Gaza

July 23, 2014
Image source: http://www.israel21c.org/news/watch-elephants-protect-young-during-air-raid-siren/
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Nurses from Israel treat children from Gaza

While her hometown is under constant missile attack from Gaza, pediatric ICU head nurse Irena Nosel cares for critically ill Gazans in Israeli hospital.

A Jew and a Muslim have developed an Israel under attack map

A Belgian-Israeli Jew and a Dutch Muslim developed Israel Under Attack, a new computer tool for mapping rocket trajectories from Gaza.

Israel sets up field hospital for wounded Gazans

The makeshift facility will treat mainly women, children and the elderly hurt during the current war in Gaza.

Hamas hackers make us laugh

Terror group launches social media campaigns meant to freak out Israelis but instead get edited for poor grammar.

Israelis fight fear with acts of kindness

Intermittent terrorism and wars since before the founding of the state of Israel have bred a culture of caring second to none.

When a lone soldier died in battle, 20,000 came to his funeral

Soccer fans answered a social media call to ensure that lone soldier Nissim Sean Carmeli would receive an honorable burial.

15 facts about the Iron Dome

Israel’s anti-missile defense system has a 90 percent success rate. Betcha didn’t know there are toy car parts behind its features.

We sing in our bomb shelters

‘The Voice’ contestant Sara Merson offers touching rendition of Matisyahu’s pro-peace track from an Ashdod shelter.

Israel Electric workers brave rockets to restore power to Gaza

When a Hamas rocket downed a power line and took 70,000 Gazans off the grid, Israeli technicians wore bulletproof vests to fix it.

When the going gets tough, people make jokes

Israelis turn to YouTube and dark humor to overcome tension during Operation Protective Edge.

Israelis develop apps to help

More than 100,000 Israelis and visitors have downloaded the SOS app and the Red Alert app made in Israel.

Elephants get upset too

Four adult elephants show protective instincts and box in two calves to shield them from Hamas rockets at Ramat Gan Safari.

Gazans still come to Israeli hospitals during fighting

While Hamas attacks from Gaza put half of Israel under threat, Palestinian Arabs and Gaza residents continue to receive medical treatment in Israeli hospitals.

Even Google Glass is getting into the action

New Glassware provides real-time updates on Hamas rocket attacks against Israel and gives users time to find shelter.
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