Tel Aviv on Film

September 10, 2014
Tel Aviv is a non-stop city with great beaches, cafes, culture and food.
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Dizengoff Street

Take a virtual stroll down Tel Aviv’s most famous street.

Port Tel Aviv

A vibrant entertainment district in along the Mediterranean Sea.

Scenes from the Boardwalk

A walk on the beach promenade along the Mediterranean coast.

Habima Square

A favorite meeting place for families, couples and everyone else.

Happiness in Tel Aviv-Yafo

Hip hop artist Pharrell Williams chose this video as one of the best tributes to his infectious song.


Visit Tel Aviv's newest hot spot for culture and food.

Kite Surfing in Tel Aviv

Beautiful to watch, thrilling to try yourself — kitesurfing at Tel Aviv's Mediterranean beaches is a favorite extreme sport for Israelis and tourists alike.

The Yarkon Park, Tel Aviv

A day out at the Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv.

Levinsky Market, Tel Aviv

Take a virtual stroll through Tel Aviv's Levinsky Market with ISRAEL21c and you'll find the Middle East's finest spices, dried fruits, boutique cheeses, roasted nuts and coffee beans, olives, condiments, exotic meats and salted fish, all in one place.

Tel Aviv Rollers

Every week as many as 300 rollerbladers hit the night streets of Tel Aviv through a loose confederation nicknamed the 'Rollers.' ISRAEL21c went to take part.
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