Things to do with KIDS in Israel

July 06, 2015
The holidays are upon us, but don't worry, Israel is bursting with kid-friendly activities, attractions, and one-of-a-kind expeditions.
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13 top free activities this summer

Music, dance, tours, sports, art – it’s all on offer in Israel this summer, and it’s all free. ISRAEL21c finds you the best places to go for free.

Dig for a Day

A family outing that let's you dig back in history.

Top 32 summer activities for kids in Israel

ISRAEL21c scoured the country’s top attractions (free and paid) for our list of great children’s activities.

Extreme fun for kids in Israel’s north

From ice skating to kite surfing, alpine slide rides to off-road biking, bungee trampolines to dune-buggy rides, horse trekking to climbing walls, there are dozens of thrills waiting to be had.

The children’s museum adults love too

We encourage the children to be actively involved. This means exploring everything around them — touching, feeling, climbing onto and even into the displays.

180 things to do with your kids in Israel

ISRAEL21c’s ultimate guide includes 25 categories, and over 180 activities to keep your kids happy.

A day at Jerusalem's Biblical Zoo

See why 750,000 visitors stop by the zoo every year.

It’s kayak season in Israel!

Family adventure paddling down rivers in the Upper Galilee.

Israel’s top 10 surfing beaches

“We’ve got soft, weak waves and you can surf absolutely anywhere. You can’t find that everywhere in the world.”
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