Strauss Water's Maze Technology

September 17, 2014
The Maze Purifying System is an innovative, progressive, and environmentally-friendly solution to the major global issue of water safety.
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Sara Muchnick

What you need to know about the Strauss-Water MAZE Technology

Strauss-Water has adopted various initiatives towards worldwide water issues, thus turning innovative technologies and efforts into solutions. Here's the who? what? where? when? how? and why? on their progress

The Gravity of the World's Water Epidemic

Here's a graph documenting the percent of each population that used improved drinking-water sources in 2012. While it is immediately clear (given by the navy masses on the map) that most countries had access to water safety improvements, it is also instantly striking how many disadvantaged countries suffer. To put numbers on it, 748 million people lacked improved sources of drinking-water in 2012, which was about 10.7% of the world's population. This interactive map helps put the magnitude of this issue in perspective.

10 Proposed Solutions to the Global Water Crisis

Strauss-Group has accomplished all 10 of the article's imperatives for water safety improvement in the following ways, respectively: 1. Partnerships: the Haier Group & the Virgin Group 2. Include Farmers: adopted the best farmer practice, drip irrigation systems, to save 50%+ water 3. Communities: visited 840 consumers in their homes in 2012 to resolve their concerns 4. Measuring: record & analyze water consumption amounts every year in order to track & improve overall progress 5. Pricing: reasonable cost is one of the Maze's most marketed features 6. Waste Less Food: with the understanding that food supply is a critical global focus, Strauss-Group began working with a contractor in 2012 to reduce all waste by processing, compressing, and packaging excess materials, which resulted in a 50% waste reduction 7. Trade Policy: member of the 4C initiative (Common Code for the Coffee Community Association), a global organization that works to promote fair trade & economic & environmental sustainability 8. Infrastructure: between 2009-2012, invested $10mil+ into technology & equipment to improve their overall impact on the environment through energy efficiency, wastewater treatment, lighting retrofits, recycling processes and more. 9. Wording: the Maze's tagline is simple & translatable: "takes out the bad, keeps in the good" succinctly communicates the key elements of the technology 10. Protect the poor: In addition to community involvement programs, donations of 100% of unsalable food, and the NIS 15mil in products donation to needy Israeli communities, Strauss-Water has targeted poor communities for whom to sell their innovations. They currently have product influence in the following regions: a. Developed Countries (where there are 10 mil people without water access): CANADA, CYPRUS, FINLAND, PORTUGAL, UK b. Latin America & the Caribbean (32 mil people without water access): COSTA RICA c. Asia (396 mil people without water access): CHINA, ISRAEL, SINGAPORE

"Is it Safe to Drink Purified Water?" Nope, but it's Safe to Drink MAZE Purified Water

Here are the article's health concerns about purified water, each followed by an explanation of how these dangers do not apply to water purified by the Maze integrate purifying technology. Unlike these other purifying players, Maze takes out the bad, keep in the good. 1. "In the same way that chlorine kills germs and bacteria in purified water, it also kills the helpful bacteria we need to function." Because the Maze's chamber initiate a specified reaction to each contaminate on contact, there will be no dangerous material (such as chlorine) remaining in the water. On top of all that, the filters do not impede healthy minerals, so all the good things in water will remain in the drinking cup. 2. "Boiling... can leave some pathogens behind." The Maze effectively treats every drop of water 3. "Ceramic filters remove bacteria and small organisms but not viruses." The Maze filter has specific chambers filled with active ingredients for each potential contaminant, including heavy metals, organic contaminants, chemicals, and bacteria & viruses.

Strauss Water Maze Water Purification Technology

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