70-20-10 Rule of GTD - Studying versus Learning

November 04, 2014
This is an awesome rule to follow if you want to get things done (GTD).The 70-20-10 model suggests that lessons learned effectively are roughly 70% from tough jobs, 20% from people (mostly the boss), and 10% from courses and reading. It applies to learning, innovation , savings and marketing, conducting organizational change, content management many other fields. Just follow 70-20-10 model.
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Shirly Ronen-Harel

70-20-10 Verses the 3-33 Pervasive Learning Modell

The 70-20-10 model suggests that lessons learned by successful and effective managers are roughly 70% from tough jobs, 20% from people (mostly the boss), and 10% from courses and reading.

Why we should all practice the “70-20-10″ rule

Here are just a few reasons to try the method

Organizations- It’s not about the numbers, it’s all about change


70-20-10 With Students

The more you can get them to experience things, complete "real world" tasks, and focus on "real world" issues, the more they may be able to absorb and connect to the material that you're presenting.

Use Google 70-20-10 to Map Out Your Career

Devoting 70 percent of their time to their core competency, 20 percent on related projects, and 10 percent to learning new skills and working on side projects.

Agile marketing: the 70:20:10 rule


The 70/20/10 Facebook Posting Rule


The 70, 20, 10 Content Planning Model

In order to act like a publisher you need to not only think like a publisher, but plan like publisher.

70-20-10 in Home Finfinanace

Is not about a fixed ratio. It’s a simple and extremely helpful framework for changing focus and aligning resources to support workforce development and learning with where most of it already happens.

Deep Dive into Effective Learning with 70:20:10


Can Leadership Be Taught?

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70-20-10 Rule of GTD - Studying versus Learning
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